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March 15, 2013

The Mystery of the Mangled Mola

Somehow this video escaped our notice a few months back, but it’s never too late to share with you the Mystery of the Mangled Mola, which comes to us courtesy of the precocious students of Mrs. Osorio’s second grade class at Carmel River school in Carmel, California.

In the video above, these sleuthing, future marine biologists investigate the unusual number of mola (or mola-mola or sunfish) that have been washing ashore on their beaches in Monetery Bay and its environs, without fins and often with their eyes gouged out. The video also includes a Kinks-inspired ode to the mola as well as a mola-inspired hand dance that is sure to become a craze. Great work guys!

Special thanks to the NOAA National Marine Sanctuary System for bringing this video to our attention.