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July 21, 2008

Need Pampering? Try a Pedicarp

Okay, this isn’t exactly conservation related. But I can’t resist relaying the latest in pampering technology: tiny carp called garra rufa, or “doctor fish,” that nibble the dead skin on your feet. According to the article, “the hot water in which the fish thrive doesn’t support much plant or aquatic life, so they learned to feed on whatever food sources were available — including dead, flaking skin. They leave live skin alone because, without teeth, they can’t bite it off.”I’ve never been one for pedicures. My feet are too ticklish and I rather like my calluses — it took miles of hiking to build those up, why would I want soft, easily blistering feet?But this place is in Alexandria, VA, not too far from DC… I might just have to gather some friends and try it. [Image: Jacquelyn Martin/AP]