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May 7, 2010

Ocean Hero Finalists: Wallace ‘J.’ Nichols

This is the sixth in a series of posts about the Ocean Heroes finalists.

We’re wrapping up our week of Adult Ocean Hero finalists with Dr. Wallace “J.” Nichols.

J.’s love of sea turtles started when he was a kid, growing out of a dual obsession with dinosaurs and the ocean.

That curious kid grew up to become an ocean activist and Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences. He has authored more than 50 scientific papers, book chapters, articles and reports on sea turtle ecology and ocean conservation. His work has appeared in National Geographic, Scientific American, Time and Newsweek, among others.

In 1998 J. founded the Grupo Tortuguero, an international grassroots movement dedicated to restoring Pacific sea turtles and the sustainable management of ocean fisheries. And a year later he co-founded WiLDCOAST, an international conservation team dedicated to the protection of coastal wilderness. Under J.’s leadership the group organized fishermen to protect endangered sea turtles and helped coastal ranchers protect their shores for future generations.  

J. is also the founder and co-director of Ocean Revolution, an international network of young ocean advocates. He shares his research with millions of school children around the world through school and aquarium visits, field trips, and numerous publications and writing projects.  

In celebration of World Oceans Day and Jacques Cousteau’s 100th birthday, he initiated the Blue Marbles Movement, a global initiative that asks participants to pass on a blue marble to someone they see caring for the oceans. So far more than 200,000 marbles have been shared — and counting.

Yeah, you could say he’s a pretty busy guy.

You can watch a recent video of J, check out his website and follow him on Twitter at @wallacejnichols.

Be sure to check in next week for daily posts on the smaller variety of finalists: the Juniors. And if you haven’t yet, check out the rest of the finalists and cast your vote today!