Ocean News: New Whale Shark Aggregation Discovered, Scientists Name New Dolphin Species, and More | Oceana USA

- Researchers recently discovered a massive juvenile whale shark aggregation in the Red Sea off Saudi Arabia. This discovery has allowed researchers to learn much more about the species, from their diving patterns to their diets. Phys.org

- Extraordinary erosion along Nice’s beach this summer has called a steep wall to form in the surf zone, igniting complaints from vacationers. This beach has received repeated attention in recent years to control erosion, but some scientists say human interference is exacerbating the problem. The Guardian

- Scientists have discovered new populations of deep sea coral on the United Kingdom’s tallest underwater mountain. This mountain, the Hebrides Terrace Seamount, was recently protected as one of Scotland’s new Marine Protected Areas. Phys.org

- Warming waters are causing favored British fish species like cod and haddock to shift northward, while other fish like sea bass and sardines to shift southward. This movement is impacting fishermen, who are having trouble selling these new fish species to British markets. The Guardian

- Scientists discovered a new dolphin species, the Australian humpback dolphin, that’s found from West Africa to northern Australia. But, this wasn’t a new discovery in the field: After examining taxonomic records for 17 years, scientists found it was its own species and not fully genetically similar to the one it was linked with. Science World Report

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