Ocean News: Scientists Sound Alarm Over Shark Cull Program, Fabien Cousteau Returns from Underwater Mission, and More | Oceana USA

- An international group of 301 scientists submitted a letter to Western Australia's Environmental Protection Authority expressing concern over the controversial shark cull program, saying it could effect the ecology of the oceans. The program caught 172 sharks during its trial period this past spring. The Guardian

- Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of marine biologist Jacque Cousteau, returned from a 31-day underwater mission last week around the Florida Keys. The expedition exceeded a 30-day mission by his grandfather, and focused on the effects of climate change on coral reefs. The Associated Press

- New research shows that mantis shrimp have exceptional vision, a trait that helps them navigate and see predators and prey more easily without having a large brain to process information. Mantis shrimp have six UV photoreceptors that allow them to pick up different wavelengths on the color spectrum than humans. The Los Angeles Times

- After failing to reach an agreement on fisheries negotiations, South Korea and Japan have banned each other from fishing in their exclusive economic zones (EEZ). Japan says South Korea refused to address illegal fishing in Japan's EEZ, while South Korea wants to maintain current limits that Japan wants to exceed. The Wall Street Journal

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