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March 10, 2006

Oceana and Greenpeace Have Teamed Up–To Cut Hair?

BY: srowe

These days we are all concerned about how much mercury is in the fish we eat.  With new information popping up left and right about sources of mercury contamination, we are left to guess how much mercury has found its way from our food into our bodies. Luckily, along with new data on mercury sources have come new ways in which to test how much mercury has accumulated in our bodies over time.

One of these ways is through your hair. Yes, I know it sounds simple. But, in fact, by testing a small sample of a person’s hair, scientists are able to determine exactly how much mercury is in that person’s system. Incredible!

If you want to be part of this study, check out the details at https://secureusa.greenpeace.org/mercury/index.php?from=oceana and sign up to receive a kit for only $25! Oceana has teamed up with Greenpeace to participate in their National Hair Sampling Study that has already successfully tested thousands of Americans for mercury levels through hair samples. With the number of participants growing, this study will be the largest hair sampling study for mercury ever, creating public awareness and yielding valuable scientific data to support increased health protections.

Most importantly the testing program serves to notify individuals who have dangerous mercury levels in their bodies and let them know what steps they can take to safely lower these levels. The study is open to anyone who is interested.

So stop wondering how much mercury in is your system and start cutting that hair! The better informed we are about the level of mercury found in our bodies, the more accurately we can address mercury poisoning as a health issue and take appropriate steps to reduce its presence in our food and environment.