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September 19, 2007

Oceana Gets a Shoutout (kind of)

On Sunday, Oceana received a subtle reference on HBO’s hilarious show Curb Your Enthusiasm. Board member Ted Danson is a regular on the show and he appeared in this week’s episode titled “The Anonymous Donor.”

If you have a DVR or On Demand, check out the scene with Larry David, Ted and Sen. Barbara Boxer at the NRDC. If you can’t watch it yourself, let me summarize:

LD and Ted are at the NRDC because Larry donated money for a new wing. (Ted donated too, but his was anonymous, which infuriates Larry because everyone still knows that Ted is “Anonymous” and because of that they see him as more noble). Larry goes up to Sen. Boxer to complain about the unwritten rules of dry cleaning when Ted walks up and Sen. Boxer starts gushing about him. She says Ted is a wonderful person and she admires the work he did with the “oceans foundation” 20 years ago and references the story about Ted’s kids not being able to swim in the Bay. (Larry gets more upset and makes fun of Danson’s motivation to save the ocean when his kids could have swam in his “400 foot pool”).

If anyone can find a digital video of this clip, shoot me an email: jfrank@oceana.org.