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April 4, 2008

The Oceana Scanner: Sexy Invertebrate Edition

This week in ocean news,…two new studies may upend previously accepted understanding of photosynthesis. A widespread type of cyanobacteria may not use as much carbon dioxide in photosynthesis as presumed, meaning the oceans are capable of less carbon dioxide absorption than scientists had thought……in other cyanobacteria news, scientists discovered that viruses may play a key role in prompting the phytoplankton to consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen……the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration dropped buoys into the water off the coast of Massachusettes that will record sound for the next 30 months in an attempt to understand the effect of ocean noise on marine wildlife…some Maine fishermen led an effort to develop a $100 million buyout plan for New England’s groundfish fishery, which would result in a 25 percent decrease in fishing capacity……California state wardens cited ten people for illegally fishing young chinook salmon to use for bait. In one case, a man was using a machete to catch the fish……the proposed killing of sea lions on the Columbia River to protect chinook salmon stocks was postponed……Long Island, New York unveiled its first fish ladder, designed to help alewife (a type of herring) swim inland to spawn……fossils discovered in the ancient seabed now part of Australia’s Outback may have been the first creatures to participate in sexual reproduction. The fossils are an estimated 565 million years old……and a species of small octupus was found to lead extravagent courtships that include strangling rivals to death. Both mates die after offspring are born.