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March 3, 2009

Oceana’s Mike Hirshfield, Opinion Leader

The Washington Post reported this morning that the confirmation of two top scientists to the Obama administration is on hold, thanks to the political machinations of a senator who, according to the Post, “is using the holds as leverage to get Senate leaders’ attention for a matter related to Cuba rather than questioning the nominees’ credentials.”That’s the good news, at least, as the two scientists in question – marine biologist Jane Lubchenco and physicist John Holdren – have been hailed as excellent choices for the administration by conservation groups, with Oceana particularly enamored of Lubchenco as the new head of NOAA and therefore America’s fisheries. The Washington Post turned to Oceana’s own Mike Hirshfield, chief scientist and senior vice president for North America, for reaction. Here’s what he said:

“Climate change damages our oceans more every day we fail to act. We need these two supremely qualified individuals on the job yesterday.”

Well said, Mike. Let’s hope political maneuvering doesn’t continue to delay these important appointments.