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August 17, 2006

Ode to Ranger

August 6, 2006

We woke up Sunday morning at sea and began preparations for the day. However due to difficulties with the underwater lights, the crane on the back of the boat, and the rough weather, the decision was made to head to port to insure that the boat was ready for the arrival of the ROV crew tomorrow. The ROV is a little mini-submarine that goes down unmanned and takes pictures underwater. It is very useful for exploring depths too deep for the divers to go.

The Ranger arrived in the port Almerimar around mid-day. This is a beautiful port that had much larger boats than Aguadulce. I spent some time wandering around checking out the yachts docked here and I even found a few from the U.S. Even with all these amazing other boats, the Ranger was still the largest boat in the port. The Ranger draws a steady stream of people standing on the dock checking her out where ever we go. She really is a beautiful vessel.