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September 18, 2008

Ovopur: Thoughtful, Beautiful Design

I admit- the design caught my eye long before the green benefits.The Ovopur is such a beautifully designed water filter. Yes, that’s right- you could have this instead of a Brita.From their website-“We can all agree that water is an essential part of our lives. It is part of our world, part of our bodies. Yet nothing in our daily routine suggests its importance. In our modern society, water is taken for granted or hidden away. OVOPUR© restores water to its central role in our lives.AQUAOVO© pays tribute to water.Environmentally friendly to the core, the OVOPUR© unit doesn’t consume any electricity, using gravity instead to filter and revitalize tapwater. Obtain crystal clear water quickly and easily.”The long lasting filters (use about three a year) can be sent back to the company for a rebate on the replacement. Though there may be a bit more of a start up cost than buying bottled water, the cost over the year works out to 7 cents a liter. Compare that to the $2-3 for a single bottle of water. Even though I used to collect Fiji water bottles (seriously, so pretty) I think that saving all that plastic and investing in a gorgeous piece of water filtration just might be worth it.- Image from Aquaovo: http://www.aquaovo.com/ovo_en.html