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May 18, 2006

The Philosophers in the Kitchen

Francis Schott and Mark Pascal’s irreverent, rollicking radio talk show, The Restaurant Guys, is to food what Click and Clack on National Public Radio’s Car Talk are to car repairs. Schott and Pascal have got food fever on the brain. These boisterous restaurateurs bring in people from all aspects of the world of food to have far-ranging, highly entertaining and informative chats about what people eat and drink. Foodie world glitterati such as chef Charlie Trotter, whose Chicago restaurant was named by Wine Spectator magazine as the best in the world for pairing food and wine; Gourmet magazine editor Ruth Reichl, the former New York Times restaurant critic; and Deborah Koons Garcia, musician Jerry Garcia’s widow and producer of a documentary about genetically modified foods, have been guests.  On May 10, Mark and Francis had Oceana’s Andy Sharpless on the show to discuss our rapidly vanishing fish and the havock that indiscriminate fishing is having on ocean habitat. Check it out: