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July 30, 2009

Planet Green’s Blue August


We all know that the approach of August means Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, but this summer it also means an industrial trawler’s load of ocean programming on Discovery’s Planet Green. This year, Planet Green has dubbed the month Blue August and will be featuring Oceana videos and content on their airwaves and webpage. Be sure to watch out for Oceana’s Scared for Sharks PSA featuring January Jones.As a part of Blue August, Planet Green is also launching the Ban the Bags, Butts, and Bottles Challenge. The Challenge encourages people to stop litter before it pollutes beaches and waterfronts and harms marine wildlife. Participants in the challenge have a chance to win a solar backpack and can submit pictures to Planet Green’s website for a chance to be profiled. Plus, picking up plastic does a world of good for a slew of ocean creatures, including sea turtles, who can mistake plastic bags for a meal. So take the challenge — we dare you.And have a very blue August!