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June 18, 2008

Protect Krill!

Krill may not be the most charismatic of sea creatures, but they are among the most important — and they need protecting. Krill and other forage species like herring and sardines form the very foundation of the Pacific food web, and everything from blue whales to pink salmon need enough krill to eat. When krill stocks are in jeopardy, their effects can be seen throughout the Pacific marine food web. We need your help to convince the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to ban all fishing for krill in the Pacific.Krill fishing is raising alarm bells is in Antarctica, where it has led to the unintentional catching (or “bycatch”) of fur seals and seabirds. Some also believe that the catching of krill in Antarctica may be having impacts on the ability of penguins, albatross and other animals to breed and rear their young. Scientists believe that melting Antarctic ice from climate change has contributed to the decline of krill stocks, with some studies showing a drop of 80 percent since the 1970s!There is not currently any fishing for krill in Pacific waters, but with the pressures that climate change and other stresses are putting on our oceans, it is imperative that we establish responsible protections today for this critical part of the ocean food web. The National Marine Fisheries Service is asking for public comment on their final proposal to ban all fishing for krill in the Pacific. We’ve come a long way on krill protections, but we need your help to push these protections across the finish line.The agency is only accepting comments until Thursday, June 19th, so please take action today.