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March 17, 2011

Protecting Costa Rica’s Biodiversity

Sometimes our supporters point out organizations that are doing inspiring work for the oceans around the world. Thanks to supporter Joanna Adler for alerting us to the great work of an organization in Costa Rica called CIRENAS.

The Center of Investigation for Natural and Social Resources, or CIRENAS, is an organization that co-manages the Caletas Ario Nature Reserve, which is located on one of the last undeveloped stretches of coastline on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula.

The area is threatened by heavy agrochemical use, sea turtle egg poaching, overfishing and unplanned development. The World Wetland Network recently awarded not-so-illustrious “The Grey Globe Award” to Costa Rica for its negligent management of the Caletas Wetland. 

CIRENAS works closely with the Costa Rica Ministry of the Environments, various NGOs, policy makers and local stakeholders in order to help conserve the biodiversity of the region. The organization also provides educational coursework opportunities for high school, college and graduate students, and is working to create a research center focused on watershed management, marine protection and sustainable practices and active stakeholder involvement.

It’s always heartening to see other organizations making a difference. You can learn more about CIRENAS at their website.