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July 2, 2010

Sailing Across, and for, the Oceans

BY: MollyH

What’s your dream?  Playing in the Super Bowl?  Winning an Oscar? Sailing around the world?

If it’s the last one, take a hint from Oceana supporters Catherine and Neville Hockley, and go for it.

The Hockleys met the boat of their dreams in 2000 and immediately began planning the journey of a lifetime.  After seven years of preparation, they set sail for their epic adventure around the world.  They are still at sea (currently in Fiji) and plan to remain on their global voyage for…well…as long as they want!

Their boat, the Dream Time, is a beautiful 41-foot sailboat and acts as the Hockley’s home, office, and transportation. From there, Neville and Catherine take turns blogging about their adventures for their avid (and often jealous) readers. 

Their stories from the water, or from their many stops along the way, are exciting and inspiring but my favorite part of following the Hockleys’ journey is their photo galleries. Every time I find a photo and think, “Wow! This one is my favorite yet! I want to go there!” I find another photo even more jaw-dropping than the last.

Not only have Neville and Catherine inspired us with their amazing voyage and epic adventures, they have also inspired us with their passion for ocean conservation. For the duration of their world circumnavigation — approximately six to eight more years — Neville will be writing articles for various sailing publications, including Cruising World and Yachting Monthly, and donating the proceeds from those articles to Oceana. In addition, all of the proceeds from the sales of their t-shirts go to Oceana.

Plus, they are donating a two-day cruise on board The Dream Time to the auction at our upcoming Hamptons Splash party on July 10th.

Join the Hockleys’ crew and support Oceana by getting a t-shirt, and follow their journey as they circumnavigate the globe.