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October 7, 2008

Sailing to Barcelona

This week, the International Union for Conservation of Nature began its 10-day World Conservation Congress in Barcelona. Thousands of people representing academia, NGO's, businesses and governments are attending the event in order to debate, learn and voice their opinions on the environment.

As a part of the event, Oceana's Ranger catamaran is participating in Sailing to Barcelona, which is a gathering of marine conservation vessels in the Spanish port city. Xavier Pastor, the Executive Director of Oceana Europe, joined the Director of Fundacion Biodiversidad at a press conference today where they shared the most important aspects of the Ranger's expeditions and displayed many beautiful underwater images taken by Ranger's crew.

Tomorrow, Oceana's Rebecca Greenberg, a marine scientist and shark campaigner, will join Xavier to present new reports on sharks and other cartilaginous fish, titled The Beauty of the Beast and Guide to European Elasmobranches. The reports analyze the situation in European waters and the role of the European Union- and Spain in particular- in the unregulated fisheries of these species.

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