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April 13, 2009

Salmon-day Status

Everyone’s favorite pink-fleshed fish has been in the news lately. Here’s the good, the bad, and the (slightly) confusing.1. Oceana’s Chile office recently celebrated the Chilean government’s decision to take our recommendations to restrict the use of antibiotics in salmon aquaculture. (The government didn’t, however, consider the prohibition of the animal use of the quinolone family of antibiotics, which amounts to a public health threat given given quinolones’ efficiency in combating human illness and their capacity to produce resistance in bacteria.)2. As the Sea Notes blog noted, federal fishery managers voted last week to ban commercial salmon fishing off the California coast for the second consecutive year. 3. Meanwhile, the NYT’s Mark Bittman recently wrote a post clearing up some consumer misconceptions about Atlantic Salmon. His bottom line? “If it’s wild, it’s not Atlantic. If it’s Atlantic, it’s not wild. If it’s Pacific … you gotta know your fishmonger.”