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March 15, 2005

Sandy’s Journal: Work at Coiba

BY: sandy

[editor’s note, by Jason]: We now resume Sandy’s Journal, back in Coiba, on March 1…

It is late in the afternoon, the sun is about to set, and after a morning of diving, filming and interviews on land everyone is – briefly – back on the boat. The compressor is rattling away on the stern deck, filling tanks. It’s deafening. Thankfully it won’t be long until the tanks are ready and the film crew heads off again for a night dive. In the time we spend anchored the boat is like an airport. People come, people go, news bulletins flash over the radio or across one of the cabin’s white boards, fleetingly, and in the interest of sanity it is best to accept that you will never know exactly what is going on.

Later in the night we will all be onboard. Sandra and whatever willing volunteers are around will make a meal; at the dinner table there will be time to talk about the day past and the day to come.