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August 28, 2009

The Scanner

Happy Friday, everyone! Before going off to enjoy the last weekend in August, check out this week’s ocean news….Regrowth of staghorn corals has Florida scientists rejoicing but also scratching their heads….Jeremy Piven’s mercury poisoning held up in court….Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy whale watching humpbacks seem to enjoy the attention too.…Make plans to visit the Georgia Aquarium after October 3 – a new shark exhibit highlighting their tenuous position in the oceans opens soon….Monterey Bay Aquarium added another great white shark to the exhibit and their juvenile shark research program….Saving sea life, saving… art? Two sea lions are living the dreams of thousands of starving artists…. A woman sued the Chicago zoo because she was splashed at a dolphin show….Researchers are on the hunt for pink river dolphins in Bolivia as a barometer of Amazon health.