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August 21, 2009

The Scanner

Happy Friday, everyone! Before enjoying the weekend, why not enjoy some ocean news?…One aquarium is hoping the dulcet tones of Barry White work as well on zebra sharks as they do on humans….Oceana’s own marine scientist Margot Stiles spoke to the Associated Press about deep-sea coral reefs off the Southeast U.S. coast, the subject of possible protection from the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council. …The U.S. Geological Survey research of stream fish shows a common thread – every single specimen had some level of mercury contamination, with over one-fourth at higher than EPA guidelines. …This summer, things aren’t just heating up on land – the oceans’ temperatures are at an all-time high. …After a 200-year hiatus, the southern right whale is once again breeding in Tasmanian waters. …Squid ink – tasty in pasta and durable as eons-old writing tool.… A popular New Orleans restaurant pulled shark fin soup from the menu after public outcry….Scientists discovered seven new deep-sea worms that all share one neat survival trick – glow bombs….Atlantic salmon seem to be making a come back on the other side of the pond; anglers are once again snagging salmon in the Seine…….High fives translate to all species, even if you have fins instead of hands.