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August 7, 2009

The Scanner

Happy Friday, everyone!This week in ocean news,… Senator Kerry speaks out against finning and in support of new legislation protecting the marine animal of the week, sharks.… Oceana shared 9 tips for healthy oceans with the Daily Green.… Emily’s great blog series on her sea turtle trip earlier this summer got a shout-out on… all ocean news doesn’t have to be sad ocean news. After decades of declining oyster stocks in the Chesapeake Bay, one area off the Virginia coast is successfully repopulated with the tasty mollusk.… while we tend to focus on what’s going on in the water here at Oceana, the seafloor also holds importance and many mysteries. Make sure to tune in to National Geographic this Sunday at 9pm for “Drain the Ocean”, a look at what the world would look like without a single drop of water.