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July 10, 2009

The Scanner

Happy Friday! This week in ocean news, … The New England Aquarium is trying a different tactic in fighting child obesity: using seals and sea lions’ energy to inspire kids. Seals and sea lions perform stretches with trainers and show off their jumping and swimming tricks. And some kids will even be allowed into the seals’ swimming area to exercise with them. … a rescued loggerhead sea turtle named after President Barack Obama was released on July 4 after being held in rehab since January 19, the day before President Obama’s inauguration. …fish are getting bigger ears. And not to hear better, either. Ocean acidification is causing larger otoliths (a structure in the inner ear) in the larvae of white sea bass. Basically, it’s as if the fish are experiencing vertigo all day long. …After Spain’s Aschwin Faber broke the world record last week, Aaron Peirsol, seven-time Olympic gold medalist and spokesperson for Oceana, has reclaimed his 100-meter backstroke world record at the US swimming championships. Swimming the race in a speedy 51.94 seconds, it was the sixth time Peirsol has lowered the world record in the event. …Aaron Peirsol also announced on Wednesday that he would award $3,000 of his own money to the winners of his Race for the Oceans swim in Fort Myers, Florida. Each winner in the men’s and women’s divisions would win $1,500. This has prompted several other Olympic swimmers to contribute to the cause and event as well. Enjoy the weekend!