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June 12, 2009

The Scanner

It felt like ocean week in the media as a result of World Oceans Day on Monday, didn’t it? I won’t repeat those WOD links, you can check them out on my Scanneresque blog post from that day. This week in ocean news, …The United Nations Environment Programme chief urged a global ban on plastic bags. The UNEP released a report that identifies plastic as the most pervasive form of ocean litter. …ocean debris complicated the search for the remains of the Air France Flight crash. The first found remains turned out to be just rubbish. …European celebs Greta Scacchi, Emilia Fox and Terry Gilliam posed naked to save bluefin tuna….The New York Times was buzzing about sustainable seafood, with a blog panel including Taras Grescoe and Carl Safina, and a confessional, informative article by Mark Bittman.