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March 6, 2009

The Scanner

This week in ocean news, …A 72 million-year-old sea turtle fossil — the oldest on record — was discovered in Mexico. …A council plans to vote in June on protecting the sea floor from Florida to North Carolina from bottom trawls, bottom longlines and other destructive fishing gear. The 23,000 square miles is thought to encompass the largest deepwater reef system in the world. …Almost 200 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins were stranded on a beach in Tasmania, the fourth beaching incident there in recent months. …The fisher poets (no relation to yours truly) had their annual gathering in Oregon. …Scientists discovered a carnivorous sea squirt that looks like a desk lamp. …As the OCYC notes, David de Rothschild is leading a project to build a 60-foot catamaran out of plastic bottles, called Plastiki, which he will sail from California to Australia. …A Bengal tiger cub and a dolphin made friends. The next Disney Pixar movie, anyone?