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September 11, 2009

The Scanner

Happy Friday, all! This week in ocean news, …The New York Times described the threats facing sea turtles who nest on Miami’s popular beaches. …New research indicates that because killer whales in the Puget Sound must raise their voices to be heard over the din of boats, they may be exhausting themselves as they try to find food. …Thanks to the loss of Arctic sea ice, two German ships are poised to become the first to go from Asia to Europe in the Arctic waters north of Russia. … As a result of international outcry after the film “The Cove,” the Japanese town known for its annual dolphin hunt has suspended the killing — at least for this week. …It turns out New Zealand’s deep-sea Hoki may be your Filet-o-Fish — and it also could be the next candidate for ugly, overfished species a la orange roughy. …A shark bite survivor explained why she still advocates to protect the ocean’s top predators.