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April 9, 2009

The Scanner: Early Edition

I won’t be here tomorrow, so I wanted to do an early roundup, especially since it’s been a while:This week in ocean news,…Deep Sea News hosted the 23rd Carnival of the Blue. …Grist’s Umbra answered a question about mercury in tuna. Her answer? Just quit, cold tuna. (sorry, couldn’t resist.)…According to an investigation into the possible link between naval operations and cetacean strandings, loud, repeated blasts of sonar can cause temporary deafness in dolphins….An uber-rare megamouth shark was found and eaten in the Philippines….The first sea turtle nests of the season (leatherbacks) were found in Florida. …In other sea turtle news, The LA Times’s Greenspace blog wrote about Oceana’s efforts to protect Pacific leatherbacks….The EU adopted new rules to help restore endangered bluefin tuna stocks in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea….A whale, believed to be a humpback, was spotted in the Hudson River near NYC.