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February 20, 2008

Scientists Discover ‘Very Strange’ Fish, Giant Sea Spider

BY: nikki

And here I thought the spiders like the one I “discovered” the other morning in the bathroom of my basement apartment were big. …

Australian scientists working on the floor of the Southern Ocean discovered several mysterious creatures including giant sea spiders and worms.

Scientists spent 20 days actually collecting samples from the Antarctic ocean floor, with an estimated 25 percent of those creatures thought to be new species.

Samples were shipped off to labs all over the world for identification as well as tissue and DNA samples.

The expedition had been researching climate change and its affect on corals and other hard-shelled creatures. Scientists are concerned that increasing climates will heighten the acidity of the ocean, which in turn would impact how crustaceans, corals and invertebrates grow and sustain their protective calcium carbonate shells. Learn more about climate HERE.

Update: Deep Sea News provides a glimpse into the world of giant sea spiders.