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June 13, 2013

Scottish Government Welcomes New Wind Subsidies!

In a move to promote the development of offshore wind, the Scottish government has introduced new wind subsidies.  Offshore wind is a renewable energy source which will help us transition from polluting fossil fuels to a clean and renewable energy future.  For years, Oceana has been working to promote the responsible development of offshore wind energy in the U.S. because we believe that this untapped resource can help mitigate the effects of global climate change and ocean acidification while at the same time boosting our economy with good-paying American jobs.

Unfortunately, at the same time that countries like Scotland are encouraging clean energy development, the U.S. is attempting to increase its offshore oil and gas development.  Last week, Representative Hastings introduced a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives to expand offshore oil and gas development.  This bill is quickly moving through the House and is likely to pass that chamber soon.

But there is some good news!  Senators Tom Carper and Susan Collins and Reps. Bill Pascrell and Frank LoBiondo have introduced bipartisan legislation (S.401 and H.R.924, respectively) that will extend the ITC to the first 3,000 MW of offshore wind installed.  This extension will provide certainty to investors that this clean energy resource has the support of the federal government for years to come

Such long-term tax certainty will make offshore wind an affordable, viable investment and will ultimately help to catapult this burgeoning industry into the mainstream.  You can help us tell Congress that the development of clean energy like offshore wind is important to you by contacting your Senators and Representative and asking them to support this legislation.