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January 12, 2009

Scuba Diver Gets Shark Off Menu

© Jason Heller

Meet Carl Robbins, a San Diego diver who made the ocean a little safer for sharks with one simple message: Please don’t serve shark fin soup for Chinese New Year.Upon hearing that Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino was including shark fin soup for its upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, Robbins led fellow divers and other ocean enthusiasts in an email campaign to remove the controversial delicacy from the menu: “The negative impact seen in our world’s oceans through the ruthless slaughter of sharks for nothing more than their fins has been well-documented. It is a practice that has been long identified with organized crime not to mention the inhumanity towards the sharks as well as the enormous impact to our oceans and therefore to our world.” Thanks to Barona’s executive chef Dean Thomas for taking shark fin soup off the menu, and congratulations, Carl, for making a difference!