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January 8, 2010

A Sea of Football Fans


Hey there ocean fans… are you ready for the NFL playoffs? No? Well even if you aren’t, the animals at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and the New England Aquarium sure are ready for the first round when the Baltimore Ravens play against the New England Patriots this Sunday afternoon.

Jen Bloomer, the Media Relations Manager for the National Aquarium and good friend of mine, just sent me an email with videos from each aquarium rooting for their respective teams.

Check out some of Baltimore’s other birds (Margaret and Louise) showing what they think the Ravens will do to the Patriots.

“We know the Ravens aren’t the only birds in town that like to destroy things,” Jen told me as we exchanged some pro-Ravens emails today. “Margaret and Louise love to show off for our visitors and the camera, and apparently love to support their fellow birds!”


Not to be outdone, the Harbor Seals at the New England Aquarium fired back with a message of their own.

Now let’s break down their performance.

I have to give credit to Margaret and Louise, not just because I am a Ravens fan. I like tropical birds, and I also like the destruction of the Patriots logo. However, it would have had more impact if the birds were to have talked. They missed the boat on this one.

So I have to give the edge to the Harbor Seals. Using my tried and true “which mascot would win in a fight method” the seals take it right there because there is no way a seal loses to a parrot. It just doesn’t happen. Although, I am suspicious of how neat the handwriting was on that board…

It is not too late for the National Aquarium to win though… if they just get some Sand Tiger Shark-sized Ravens jerseys! Wishful thinking on this Baltimore native’s part I suppose.

A side note: The only teams in the playoffs with mascots that have any association with the oceans are the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings used the ocean as a means of conveyance to spread terror, fear and red hair about northern Europe in the 10th and 11th centuries while eagles are raptors that tend to live by the water and eat fish.

Missing from the playoffs are such ocean-associated mascots as the Seattle Seahawks, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and of course the Miami Dolphins.