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May 5, 2008

Seafood tips for moms

Amber Valletta with son Auden

Amber Valletta and son Auden

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Oceana asked me to send amessage to help other moms make sure to feed their families seafoodthat’s low in mercury. As a mom with a hectic film career, I knowit’s hard to keep track of all the advice you hear to keepyour kids healthy – but as the spokesperson for Oceana’sCampaign to Stop Seafood Contamination, I’ve learned a thingor two about mercury in fish.

Here are my tips for feeding your kids seafood, which can bepart of a healthy diet, without feeding them lots of mercury, aneurotoxin that can be unhealthy at certain levels.

1. Chooselow-mercury fish – those that are small and low on the food chain.

2. Limit fish consumption to 12 oz. a week for kids and youngwomen, especially those of us who might consider becoming pregnant.

3. Tellyour grocery store to post signs containing the FDA adviceabout mercury for women of child-bearing age and children at theirseafood counters.

4. Choose“chunk light tuna” or canned wild Alaskan salmonover “solid white albacore tuna”. 

5. To help keepall of our kids mercury-free, donateto Oceana’s Campaign to Stop Seafood Contaminationor buy their “Mercury-FreeBaby” gear

For detailed explanations of these tips and links toresources, click here.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Amber Valletta
Actress, Model and Mom