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April 1, 2009

The Seattle Green Fest Turns Blue

Happy April Fools’ Day! I’m back from the Seattle Green Festival, where with the help of around 18 fantastic Wavemaker volunteers, we collected more than 1500 petitions for the Campaign to Stop Seafood Contamination in two days. No foolin’. Some highlights from the Fest:-A friend of one of the members of the Junk Raft crew showed us a canister of plastic soup they brought her from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. (See above photo). She carries it around in her purse to teach people about plastic pollution in the ocean.-Our volunteers were good sports about wearing ridiculous fish hats. (Again, see above.) Lots of people asked where we got the hats from, but one determined kid marched right up to the counter and said, “One dolphin hat, please.” -Our neighbor booth was occupied by the People for Puget Sound, whose octopus and one-of-a-kind geo duck (pronounced “gooey duck”) costumes, in tandem with our giant inflatable tuna, made us THE place to be in the Washington Convention Center.Check out more photos from the Fest on our Flickr account.