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May 19, 2010

‘Sherman’s Lagoon’ Highlights Sea Turtles

Most people wouldn’t think of turtle excluder devices as joke fodder, but this week and next cartoonist Jim Toomey is devoting his comic strip, “Sherman’s Lagoon,” to sea turtles and those life-saving devices found in some fishing nets.

For the uninitiated, “Sherman’s Lagoon,” which appears in more than 250 newspapers in the U.S. and around the world, features a shark named Sherman and his sea turtle sidekick Fillmore. They and a cast of other reef dwellers try to get along while fighting the degradation of the oceans.

Last month NOAA honored Toomey with its Environmental Hero Award for fostering awareness of ocean issues worldwide. And “Sherman’s Lagoon” also recently became a musical — you can check out the soundtrack on iTunes.

Go check out the sea turtle strips, which are running for 12 days, and for more on Toomey, read the interview he did with the Reeftank blog earlier this year.