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December 16, 2009

Staying Warm

This is the eighth blog post from our team in Copenhagen. See the others here. – Emily

Here we are in the last days of the conference, and parties are frantically trying to agree to a text and civil society (at least parts of it) are being frozen out of the process. The secretariat has massively reduced the number of NGOs allowed in the conference center and today some entire delegations, including Friends of the Earth, were denied entry.

Good news: Oceana was able to get in, and we’re still here talking about ocean acidification and it’s impacts on the ocean.
As Jackie told you, we teamed up with Scripps, PML and POGO to host and exhibit and side event on ocean acidification. We had many people come by and find out more, including NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco.

We’ve also been talking to press and doing media interviews, which have really helped get the word out about the threat of acidification.

Our 350 ad campaign has also been extremely successful; many people have told us how they still want to be able to eat shellfish and go diving in 2050…

Here are links to some of the interviews and news articles that Oceana’s team has contributed to:

Interview with me (Ellycia Harrould-Kolieb)

Interview with Oceana’s chief scientist Mike Hirshfield

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