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July 20, 2006

Sun Baked Hill Rat

BY: Phil

July 11, 2006

The new deck crane being installed over the next few days in Roses, Catalonia, will make many of the current operations more efficient and open some new possibilities. Right now just getting the divers and their equiptment in and out of the water is a three ring circus and not altogether safe for the delicate camera gear.

I fully understand all the variables when it comes to working on the ocean and would have liked more time at sea. I did however get to experience all of ranger’s current projects happening during this time frame. Helping to host Miguel Bose was an important treat. He’s real superstar here in italy, Mexico and else where able to pack the biggest venues. I watched one of his concerts in Mexico last year where about 100,000 fans turned out. X’s crew put together a great documentary / testimonial both under the water and on land. For out Spanish speaking friends it’ll have a huge impact and help the popularity of Oceana. Wed I’m taking the overnight train to Madrid to work with our staff there thurs and Fri before having a weekend in Madrid flying back early Mon morning. Ted Morton has set up some major hill work with our MFCN colleagues for Wednesday the 19th. I’ll be one of the most sun baked Capitol hill rats next week.