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September 29, 2009

Support the Mercury Pollution Reduction Act

The House Energy and Commerce Committee will meet tomorrow to vote on legislation to phase out the use of mercury in the production of chlorine and caustic soda. This mercury ends up in our waterways, our seafood, and ultimately, our bodies.You can help us by calling your representative to voice your support for the bill, H.R. 2190, the Mercury Pollution Reduction Act. While there has been much focus on reducing mercury pollution from coal burning power plants, mercury cell chlor-alkali plants emit four times more mercury than the average coal-fired power plant. More than 95 percent of the chlorine and caustic soda manufactured in the United States uses mercury-free processes. Only four chlor-alkali factories are currently using this antiquated, 19th Century mercury-based process. Collectively, these four plants were responsible for releasing more than one ton of mercury into the air and water in 2006. Technology is readily available to eliminate the use of mercury in all chlorine and caustic soda production. In addition to being beneficial to the environment and human health, mercury-free technology can be up to 37 percent more energy efficient. Conversion to mercury-free chlorine production makes sense for business, the environment and human health. So don’t delay — call your representative now to help us prevent more mercury from getting in our seafood.Update: The leadership of the committee decided to postpone the mark up. Read all about it here.