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September 15, 2008

Ted Danson on Bluefin Tuna

Today, Oceana board member Ted Danson weighs in on the fate of bluefin tuna on the BBC’s Green Room, a weekly series of opinion pieces on environmental issues. Ted says, “Since the mid-1990s, tuna populations have spiralled downward, and scientists warn that an immediate moratorium on fishing is the only way to avoid an irreversible collapse …Time is running out to save these sleek and powerful fish.”From an early survey of the (many!) comments, it seems the British people agree with Ted, although one smart guy notes “you don’t have to be a genius or Ted Danson to know the problems the oceans face from overfishing.”True enough – but sometimes it takes star power to bring an issue into the limelight.Photo: Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen