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June 20, 2007

Ten Ocean Tips

BY: nikki

We all know oceans are pretty much the cradle of life on this planet – regulating our climate, providing sustenance for billions, the list goes on forever. For all our oceans do for us, wouldn’t it be nice if we could join together and do a little something for our oceans? It’s not as hard as you might think.

In fact, here’s a handy list of ways to show your love for our oceans:

1. Fish is healthy and delicious.  Before you head to the supermarket, download our easy guide to seafood (pdf) to make sure your dining choices aren’t jeopardizing dwindling fish populations.

2. Women of child-bearing age and kids should avoid fish that is high in mercury. Supermarkets featured on our Green List are willing to protect their shoppers by posting the FDA advisory at their fish counters. Find out if your local grocer made the cut.

3. Sharks, and dolphins, and turtles, oh my!  For a special occasion or just to say “Hi,” send your friends one of our gorgeous e-cards.  It’s a great way to keep in touch–and remind them about the beauty of ocean life.

4. If you cannot wait for the next opportunity to speak out about ocean related issues, visit our action center to find out about urgent ocean issues. We are counting on you!

5. Escape, even for just a brief moment, every time you look up at your computer screen.  Download a sea creatures screensaver.

6. In just five years, Oceana has been instrumental in protecting 800,000 square miles of ocean. Help keep the victories coming – make a donation and help protect the oceans.

7. Brush up on oceans issues.  Read our latest reports about the plight of sea turtles, impact of cruise pollution on sea life, efforts to protect deep sea coral gardens and much more.

8. Do the public a service! Add our banners to your website.

9. Shop blue. Purchase Oceana goodies – nifty tote bags, cool mugs, hip hoodies and tanks. Part of the proceeds will support our work to conserve the oceans.

10. Strength is in numbers. Send a note to friends and urge them to get involved in the fight to save our oceans.