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July 5, 2006

Thank you Oceana and see you soon!

BY: Serena

June 10, 2006

It has been an unforgettable and fascinating experience to be on board the Oceana Ranger!

An essential opportunity offered by Domitilla and Marevivo and which gave me the chance to get to know people as fantastic, simple and splendid as the Italian coasts we have passed: three short but intense days of sailing that took us from the Roman port of Ostia, passing by Ponza Island, before arriving at the Port of Napoles where, unfortunately, my adventure came to an end.

An unexpected occasion, the aim of which was to investigate and document fishing boats that still use, despite European Regulations outlawing it since 1998, large drift nets, real walls raised in the sea to capture sword fish. Nets that also capture numerous examples of protected species, however, such as dolphins and tortoises, threatening their survival and conservation, which are more and more at risk because of illegal fishing.

A trip that has also turned out to be great fun and very enjoyable, thanks to the fervent and wise experience and generosity of Xavier, the calming confidence of the captains of the boat Jordi, Carlos and Albert, the sweetness and light (her name says it all) of Sol, the French-Mexican friendliness of Thierry, the “tasty” cheerfulness of the pirate-chef Indi (hmmm, what delightful aromas fill the air on the Ranger!) and the smiles and friendliness of Kike, Guayo and Juan.

A short trip (for me) but very interesting and educational, which has given me the chance to actually see what until that moment I had only been able to study, read and imagine and that, on the other hand, thanks to the friends of the Ranger, I have been able to observe with my own eyes. Eyes that have filled with anger and at the same time sadness on seeing how, once again, some gems such as Ponza and its (our) sea, are betrayed by the sterile indifference and lack of responsibility of its fishermen. Quite admirable and enviable, on the other hand, is the speed and organisation with which they have known how to transform small boats covered by kilometres of illegal nets into apparently (but only apparently) innocuous fishing boats.

What a shame that such versatility and organisation is not employed in more laudable and original actions” Wasted time and efforts because they have not deceived the yellow investigative group (or Gang)!!

The visit to the Ranger has not only given me the chance to get to know the friends of Oceana and bear witness for Marevivo, of what happens in the Mediterranean, but also, and above all, has been an occasion to see many people coming from diverse countries, with different interests and experience, but united by a great and unique common passion: the fight and sincere and passionate pledge to defend an asset without frontiers, which belongs to us all…the sea!