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June 10, 2009

Umbra on the Blue Carpet

Grist’s Umbra Fisk attended Oceana’s World Ocean Day party in New York on Monday, where she asked celebs and socialites how individuals can help the oceans. Reducing plastic was the top issue for Oceana spokesmodel Amber Valletta and Real Housewife of New York (and ocean expert?) Ramona Singer who says, “When I go to the supermarket I take my own tote bag… because you know what, plastic is the worst thing.” Don’t worry, there were some real ocean experts there, too. Oceana Executive Vice President Jim Simon tells Umbra, “Most people don’t know that CO2 in the oceans actually make them more acidic, and can destroy the ability of animals to create shells, which could destroy corals, mollusks, and all the animals that depend on them.”