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2007-07-27 00:00:00

Upcoming Q&A With Marine Scientist and Author

Here’s a don’t-miss event for anyone interested in the exploitation of the oceans. Callum Roberts, marine scientist, will be the subject of a Washington Post Book World online Q&A on Monday, July 31, at noon, to discuss his new book, “The Unnatural History of the Sea.”

Roberts’ book vividly illustrates how humans have been decimating fish and marine mammal populations for centuries. He puts the current crisis in a context most brief news articles can barely hint at, and has already garnered positive reviews. Here at Oceana we got a preview copy, and I’m halfway through it – it’s good stuff.

So take an early lunch and stop by with your questions and comments, and get an exclusive preview of Roberts’ book, which is due to be released on July 30. (Ok, so it’s conceivable you could have bought and read the book before the July 31 chat, but this isn’t Harry Potter, is it? Anyway, you can access the Post chat here.)