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March 12, 2012

Victory! Stops Selling Manta Ray Products


We have great news to share with you today! We recently asked you to help us protect manta rays from being made into leather by asking to take manta ray products off their website. Nearly 40,000 of you responded by signing our petition, and Alibaba listened!

Last Friday, they called us to say that they will no longer be selling manta ray products. Today, we got their statement in writing and are proud to be able to announce their commitment to sustainability. In the past, they’ve taken down listings for shark fins and other unsustainable animal products. And now, thanks to your efforts, they will also refrain from selling animals protected under UN policies, including manta and devil rays.

We are amazed at the response we got from all our wonderful supporters on this topic. We here at Oceana would like to thank all of our supporters for sharing your voices, and we’d especially like to thank and their CEO Jack Ma for responding so quickly and positively. Thanks to all of you, manta rays are now swimming a little more safely.