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June 15, 2012

Video: The Ocean that We Want to Know

Here’s a song that will get stuck in your head and teach you something about the world’s oceans at the same time. Our friends over at One World One Ocean put together this parody of Gotye’s earworm “Someobody that I Used to Know” for World Oceans Day.

It follows Ferdie and Mitzi on an animated adevnture to some of the world’s most famous ocean landmarks: the Mariana Trench, Great Barrier Reef, Sargasso Sea, and more. Check out the video’s homepage to learn even more about the amazing places and animals featured in the video.

Do Mitzi and Ferdie remind you of somebody that you know? The nominations are still open for our 4th annual Ocean Heroes Award, and we’re looking for juniors and adults that are protecting the oceans that we want to know. You  have until June 20th to submit your own Ocean Heroes!