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August 9, 2006

Washington Post’s article on seafood confusion

BY: smahan

The Washington Post recently published a story on the confusion over choosing healthy seafood with low contaminants levels.  Oceana has a simple solution.

The article, “Good Fish, Bad Fish,” (Aug. 8) highlighted how confusing it can be when it comes to contaminants in seafood.  Consumers are bombarded with information from articles in newspapers, sound bites on television, and suggestions in health magazines.  Yet, many are still wary when it comes to choosing between tilapia and tilefish.  Despite the benefits of fish, some consumers may be steering clear of fish altogether because of this confusion.  The problem isn’t having too much information; it’s not having the information where it is needed most: your supermarket.  

The Food and Drug Administration has extensive guidance on seafood consumption.  But if you don’t work for the FDA (or a nonprofit organization that deals with seafood), then you probably don’t know what the government recommends.  Some supermarkets, like Safeway, Whole Foods and Wild Oats, have taken it upon themselves to post the FDA’s advice.  Consumers have expressed appreciation for the service, and the stores have not lost sales because of the signs.  Other stores not posting the FDA advice should follow their competitor’s lead and let consumers feel comfortable again eating their favorite grilled, baked, broiled or fried low-mercury fish.