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September 24, 2010

We Could Win $200,000 for Ocean Conservation!

We are a third of the way through round three of American Express and TakePart’s Members Project… and we are currently winning in our category! This has EVERYTHING to do with you, our fantastic supporters.

But we need your votes each and every week until the end of November. Voting is super easy:

1. Click here to register.

2. Click on “register to vote” and fill out required information. You can also sign in through Facebook.

3. Click on Oceana and confirm your vote for your favorite ocean conservation group.

The world is 71% covered with water and for the largest international non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation (hint: it’s us!), that’s a lot of area to cover. $200,000 will help us immensely with our work protecting sharks and sea turtles, fighting offshore drilling, and campaigning for responsible fishing, all over the world.

Thanks again and vote now – and every week!