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August 25, 2006

We’re not gonna need a bigger boat

The classic battle of man vs. fish has resulted in dozens of blockbusters and bestsellers. But the drama and adventure that makes these stories great are noticeably absent from most fishing practices in this day and age. Take, for example, sharking.

A recent article in the Sun Herald outlines a simple three-step process for hunting sharks. Follow a shrimp boat. Wait. Stick your pole in the water.

Shrimp boats, after pulling trawls throughout the night, collect their shrimp and then throw the rest of the catch overboard. This “bycatch” is a smorgasbord of dead or dying fish, and a “feeding frenzy” of sharks quickly ensues. According to the article’s author, Al Jones, “fishing behind anchored shrimp boats can be an awesome experience once a feeding frenzy is under way.”

Quint must be rolling over in his grave.