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July 29, 2009

Whale Wednesday: Beluga to the Rescue

Here’s a heartwarming story for you this WW, again featuring the playful beluga: Mila the beluga whale guided a free diver back to the surface when she was struck with wicked leg cramps during a competition. In freezing cold water without any breathing equipment, Yang Yun felt paralyzed during a free diving contest at Polar Land in Harbin, China. She and the other participants had to dive to the bottom of the aquarium’s arctic tank and stay there for as long as possible among the beluga whales. Yun began to sink, thinking she was done for, until she felt something pushing her up. It was Mila’s nose guiding Yun safely back to the surface. Belugas’ facial muscles allow them to smile — and I’m sure Mila and Yun both were grinning big after this episode.