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March 17, 2010

Whale Wednesday: Pop Quiz

You only have until this Friday to take the Ocean IQ Quiz for a chance to win prizes, including a trip with SEE Turtles to watch sea turtles in the wild.

Here’s a whale-only quiz just for fun — but no prizes here — you have to go take the real quiz.


1. Scientists use the distinctive areas of hard pale skin on Northern right whales to tell individuals apart. What are they called?

a. fingernails

b. warts

c. callosities

d. eczemas

2. Which whale has the longest baleen plates of any whale at up to 15 ft?

a. bowhead whale

b. blue whale

c. sei whale

d. minke whale


3. Which whale carries out record-breaking migrations between the Bering Sea and Baja California?

a. sperm whale

b. beluga whale

c. killer whale

d. gray whale


4. Which whale earned the nickname “canary of the seas” because of its wide vocal range, including trills, clicks, and chirps?

a. bottlenose whale

b. beluga whale

c. humpback whale

d. sperm whale


(Answers: 1) c 2. a 3.) d 4.) b)