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June 29, 2007

What’s in your stomach?

BY: nikki

Chinese exporters are up in arms over a U.S. fish ban that prohibits the importation of five farmed-fish species treated with antibiotics considered harmful to humans by the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

Fish farming is a practice that concerns Oceana for myriad reasons: Antibiotics pumped into fish farms seep into the surrounding water and are absorbed by wild fish, for one. And really, who knows what else those fish are eating when they swim in such confined spaces? Plus, it takes millions of tons of wild fish – fish we humans could be eating – to feed the farmed fish, which isn’t as healthy in the first place.

Maintaining sustainable and wild fisheries is by far the best way to go, so do your part and support the wild fishing industries by being a savvy seafood shopper. Make sure the fish you buy isn’t coming from fish farms where open netpen aquaculture practices are used. And while you’re at it, reference our handy miniguide and make sure the fish you’re eating isn’t the very last of its kind.